How to automatically create path-restricted character motions

In addition to manually creating the character's motions along the paths with Motion Director, you can also make the character move or perform randomly along a specified path.

Note that in this mode, the character only travels along a route that is projected from the existing path on the floor, ignoring the terrain elevation along the path.

Moves along the route projected by the picked path with different elevations.

Terrain is ignored.

  1. Apply a character and a path to the project.
  2. Open the Control Center panel (shortcut: Ctrl + F5).

  3. In the Control Settings section, click the Auto Path Mode button to toggle the mode.
  4. Make sure the character has one iMD data applied.
  5. Make sure the character has iMD Data applied to make it ready for Motion Director.
  6. Click the Start button to start playing.