How to create character motions with macro

No matter which mode was used to create motions with Motion Director, each simulation will be recorded as "macros". You can always re-use macros to create character motions for any project, as long as the current iClone session is kept active.

  1. Apply a character to the project.

  2. Make sure to have some motions simulated for the character with Motion Director.
  3. Switch to the Macro Data tab in Control Center; All recorded motions will be listed here.

    Refer to the How to use Macro Data section for more information.
  4. Select any one of the macros and click the Preview button to replay the recorded motions.

    * Repeatedly preview the macros until you find the one you desire.
  5. Click the Floppy Disk button to save the macro for use in Motion Director.

    * Multiple macros can be kept at any given time.
  6. Switch to the Character Settings tab, and click on the Macro Replay mode button.
  7. Click the Add Macro button.
  8. The Source Macro Data panel will appear. Select the desired macros (saved from step 5).

    Click the Add button.
  9. Notice that new items are added to the Macro list.
    • Random : Press down this button to play the macros in random order.
    • Repeat : Press down this button to play the macros repeatedly in a loop.
    • Add Macro : Click this button to add more macros from Macro Data list (see step 7).
    • Delete : Click this button to delete the select macro from the history list.
    • Move Up : Click this button to move the selected macro up one level in the history list.
    • Move Down : Click this button to move the selected macro down one level in the history list.
  10. Make sure at least one iMD data is applied to the character to make it ready for Motion Director.
  11. Click the Start button to play the character.