How to make characters travel by following objects

With Motion Director, you can make the character travel with specific objects, especially a moving one. The object can either be a prop or another character.

Please note that in this mode, the character only follows the target object on the floor, ignoring the elevation of the terrain.

Moves to the spot projected on the floor by the prop's pivot

Terrain is ignored

  1. Apply two characters in the project.

    Make one of the characters walk using any feature provided in iClone.
  2. Go to the start frame of the project and select the other character.
  3. Open the Control Center panel (shortcut: Ctrl + F5).
  4. Deactivate the Active checkbox for the character that is to be the target object.

    Select the activated character.
  5. In the Control Settings section, click the Follow Object button to toggle the mode.
  6. Make sure at least one iMD Data has been applied to the character to make it ready for Motion Director.
  7. Click the Start button to start playing.