User Interface Introductions for Motion Director - Control Center

There are three main panels related to Motion Director, including Control Center (Ctrl + F5), Behavior Manager (Ctrl + F6) and Hotkey Panel (Ctrl + F7). This page will focus on the Control Center panel.

  1. Mode: Click these tabs to change the panel to Character Settings, Camera Settings or Macro Data modes.
  2. Control Center Menu: Click this button to show the menu of Control Center.
    • Show Trajectory: Activate this command to show the device driven trajectory (gray indicators) and the real travel trajectory for the character (green indicators).

      Refer to the How to set properties for different speeds section for more information on utilizing the trajectory lines.
    • Show Speed Info: Activate this command to show the character's speed in the 3D viewport.
    • Behavior Manager: Click this command to show the Behavior Manager. You can also click the Edit Behavior button in the Behavior List section or press the hotkey Ctrl + F6.
    • Hotkey Panel: Click this command to show the Hotkey Panel.
  3. Character List: This list shows the current characters in the scene.
    • Active: This checkbox determines if the character is to be driven or not when it is in play.
    • Record: This checkbox determines if the character's motion are to be recorded or not after play mode is stopped.
    • Focus: This icon determines the target character for the following camera. You can only focus on one character at a time.
    • Control: This icon shows the control mode for the driven character. You can change to different control modes in the Control Settings section.
  4. Copy / Paste: These two buttons can be used to copy the settings in the Behavior List and Control Settings sections of one character and paste to another character.
  1. Start / Stop: Click this button to start or stop playing according to the settings in the Control Center panel. You can also set the toolbar to Custom Settings and click the Start / Stop button.