Face Key Editing

Muscle Feature Select becomes more comprehensive with intuitive set of positional controls.

Muscle Symmetrical Selection

The newly added symmetrical selection can drastically speed up the time it takes to modify facial expressions.


iClone provides a vast array of preset facial expressions for immediate application. The drop-down menu on the top right provides different sets of expression styles.

Modify - Detail Morph Slider Editing

  • Modify parameters can be used to add extra detail and accuracy on top of the expressions, whether they are generated from morphs or skin weights.
  • For fast access, the modify menu is categorized as Brow, Eye, Nose, Cheek, Mouth, and Custom.
  • The contents of the Custom set is derived from the 3DXchange Expression Custom Data which can be edited and in which there are a total of 24 available shapes.

Morph - Expressiveness

  • The Expressiveness can be used to exaggerate or tone down the facial expressions.
  • The Reset All can be used to return to the previously saved expression. Expressions are saved when the Face Key dialog window is closed.