How to have character contact with targets

You may have learned how to have the character point at a certain target by reading through the Using the Reach Target Panel guide. In addition to this, the Reach Target feature also allows you to have the character make contact with the target.

Reach Mode - Reach Object

  1. Apply a character and a target object, like this stick.
  2. Have the character's right hand point at the stick (Maintain Object Offset deactivated). Please refer to the Using the Reach Target Panel section for more information.
  3. If you wish for the hand to make contact with the target, then activate the Position checkbox.
  4. The character's hand will snap and align to the pivot of the target.

Reach Mode - Rotation

Reaching body parts can often penetrate with target objects that have rotational animation applied. By activating the Rotation checkbox in Reach Mode, the body parts will not only touch the target object, but also follow its orientation.

  1. Apply a character and a prop.
  2. Have the character's right hand reach out and touch the target prop (Maintain Object Offset deactivated).

    Activate the Position and Rotation checkboxes to ensure that the character's hand touches the target and rotates along it.
  3. Set rotational keys on the prop.

    Playback and you will see the character's hand rotates along the prop's animation.