Transition Curves in Tracks

In iClone, you are able to set keys or add clips into different tracks. Interpolations can be customized between different curves so that the transition speeds between two adjacent keys, or clips, imitate the physical characteristics of how the object would move in the real world.

Set the Transition Curve

  1. In the target track of the timeline, set two keys (take the Transform track as an example).
  2. Right-click on the Later one. Select an item from the Transition Curve entry in the menu.

    The transition curve will then be generated between these two keys only.

The Curve options have increased from 6 to 16 also accessible via the context menu, however, in the form an independent window. Each Transition Type can be previewed in the view-port simply by selecting it in the floating window, making it more intuitive and convenient.

Transition Curve Panel and Four Basic Curve Types

Ease In

Ease Out

Ease In & Out

Pause and Move

Second Row of Curve Presets

Gain momentum before Move


Gain momentum and Damp

Stutter Start

Third Row of Curve Presets

End in a Bounce

Stuttering Start and End

Elastic Start and Sudden End

Sudden Start with Elastic end

Fourth Row of Curve Presets

Elastic Start and End