Creating NavMesh (New for v. 8.4)

  1. Create a project with placed props or a mesh terrain (height map terrains are now supported).
  2. Launch the Generate NavMesh panel.
  3. Choose one of the Range radio buttons:
    • Scene: All the mesh terrains and props will influence the NavMesh.
    • Volume: Only the mesh terrain or props contained in the volume will influence the NavMesh.
  4. Adjust the settings in the panel.
  5. Click the Generate button to generate a bluish NavMesh.

    NavMesh generated using the Scene mode.

    NavMesh generated using the Volume mode.

  6. Activate the Auto Build option to see the NavMesh update in real-time as the settings are being adjusted.
  7. Activate the Diagnostic Mode to isolate the NavMesh in the viewport.

    The diagnostic view of the NavMesh in Scene mode.

    Diagnostic view of the NavMesh in Volume mode.

  8. You can show or hide the NavMesh for better observation.
    • In Scene Manager:
    • In Modify panel:

You will get a result like the following images if you use a mesh terrain as the source for generating the NavMesh.

The mesh terrain.

The NavMesh generated on mesh terrain.

Refer to the following sections for more information: