Merging data from different iMD files (New for v. 8.4)

While iMD files contain limited modes and mixer motions, you can expand the data within a single iMD file by utilizing the merge feature available under MD Behavior > Data Settings.

  1. Apply an actor to a new project.

  2. Launch the MD Behavior panel.
  3. Apply an iMD from the iMD Library to the character.

    In the Behavior Settings tab, there are only few idle motions and neither the Perform no Mix motions are available.

    Start Motion Director. Notice the lack of trigger motions in the trigger panel.

    Without other motions, the character will only perform its idle movement.
  4. Switch to the Data Settings tab, click the Expand iMD button.

  5. The Expand iMD panel will show up. Click the Load File button.
  6. Load an iMD file.

    All mode and mixer motions in the iMD will be listed on the panel.
  7. Activate / Deactivate the checkboxes to specify the desired motions for loading and merging. Click the Apply button.
  8. Click the Apply button. The activated items will be merged into the current iMD.
    • Mode:
    • Mode Perform and Mixer Motions:
  9. Start the Motion Director session, as you can see the Trigger panel has more items for switching.

    You can trigger the mode, performs or mixer motions accordingly.