Last Update: Dec 23, 2019

iClone Python API 0.7.7 (Beta)

iClone Version: 7.71.3623.1

Python Version: 3.6.2

Qt Version: 5.6.2

About the iClone Python API

The iClone Python API helps you to extend and customize iClone, and more easily integrate it into a Python-based pipeline. It provides a bridge between iClone and Python libraries and Python tools. The Python SDK is built on top of the iClone C++ SDK, and you can access a subset of the iClone API from Python scripts and execute them in iClone.


Reallusion cannot be held responsible for any damages to your code or project-schedule as a result of your study and use of this documentation or correspondence with our SDK-support team. Reallusion is not obliged to make any changes to the SDK at your request. When using this reference or inquiring for support, you do so at your own risk.

External Resources

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  • The Way to Control Your Prop
  • Animate Your Character
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  • About API development

    We are constantly working on improving the coverage of our Python APIs, so we want to move to shorter release cycles. Rather than releasing major versions over longer periods of time, we will aim to build, test, and release updates more frequently.

    With continuous delivery, we can exercise the option to include early access and experimental features in each release that are in early to intermediate stages of development.  This strategy allows us get feedback for a feature while it is being worked on it, in turn we learn more about what you want in the final product.  There will be two main types of feature releases:

    • Early Access Features - We may deprecate this functionality at our discretion. However, we support backward compatibility for assets and the API for this feature should be stable.
    • Experimental Features - We do not support backward compatibility for assets, the API for this feature is subject to change, and we may remove functionality at our discretion.