Adjusting Body Parts of CloneBone Actors

Adjusting after Attaching

After you attach and align a prop to the CloneBone, the position, size or orientation may still be in need of some adjustment:

  1. Pick the desired part (if you are using any camera tools, you may not select the specific piece of the part but the CloneBone only. Please switch to the tool to click on or the tools to double-click on the desired part to select it instead of picking the whole CloneBone).

  2. Go to the Attribute tab under the Modify panel and adjust the data in the Transform section to fine tune the part.

Adjusting Along the Body Proportion

If you intend to have the part to be changed along with the CloneBone's specific bone node, you may follow the steps:

  1. Pick the part and make sure the Inherit relationship boxes (Move, Rotate, Scale) between the target part and the bone node are all checked.

  2. Pick the actor and go to the Avatar section under the Attribute tab.

  3. Change the body proportion in an ordinary manner. Please refer to the How to Change the Proportion of Each Sub Node of an Actor section for more information.