Using Talking Style Editor (New for v7.9)

After having produced a voice script and extrapolated visemes for a character, you can enhance the lip-sync viseme strengths with Talking Style Editor.

  1. Select a character that has been given more than one voice script with visemes.
  2. Open the timeline (Shortcut: F3) and right-click on one of the voice clips (on Viseme track) in which you want to change the strength of a specific viseme, choose the Talking Style Editor from the right-click menu.

    The panel can be launched by clicking the Talking Style Editor button on the Timeline Toolbar.
  3. The Talking Style Editor panel will appear.
  4. You can use the Preset Name drop-down list to quickly set the style for lip-sync visemes.
  5. Or you can manually drag the sliders for setting the strength of the visemes in the clip.

    Phoneme: Ah

    Ah = 100

    Ah = 150 (all the strength of the viseme, Ah, will be set to 150)