Animating Hand Gestures

Hand gestures can be created within minutes, no matter if you need to hold a fist or create a gesture with fingers.

  1. Import a character into the scene.
  2. Click the Edit Motion Layer button under the Motion tab of the Modify Panel.
  3. The Edit Motion Layer window appears for you to control.
  4. Focus to the character's hand effector point and rotate the wrist.
  5. You may also curl all the fingers all at once by dragging the palm control.

    Dragging Up

    Result: Fingers Curl Outward

    Dragging Down

    Result: Fingers Curl Inward

    Dragging Left

    Result: Fingers Close

    Dragging Right

    Result: Fingers Spread Open

  6. Press and drag the dummy's dark grey part of the fingers to set gestures.

    Dragging Up

    Result: Finger Curl Outward

    Dragging Down

    Result: Finger Curl Inward