Link/Unlink and State Keys

With the state-keys-setting feature, one Dynamic rigid body is able to be manipulated by setting transform keys or using the prop puppeteering method after its state is changed to Kinematic.

Also, if you link a Kinematic prop to a moving object and switch its state to Dynamic at another time, the prop will then be given an initial force by the moving object, which produces an inertial force for the prop.

Throwing a Dynamic Rigid Body with Linkage Feature

If you want to produce an inertia effect on a rigid body by linking it to another moving object, change the state of the rigid body to inherit the force from the moving object.

  1. Select a prop.
  2. Set it as a Kinematic rigid body by activating the Activate Physics box and press down the Kinematic button in the Modify >> Physics tab.
  3. Link the kinematic rigid body to a moving object.

    The ball is linked to the hand.

  4. Go to another time frame where you want it to be thrown out by the inertia effect.
  5. Change its physics state to Dynamic.
  6. Play back the project from the first frame to simulate the animation. The force from the moving object will then pass to the physics prop as the physics prop changes to a Dynamic rigid body.

    The baseball (Switched to Dynamic) is thrown out.