The Soft Cloth Simulation

Please follow the steps below for simulating physics animations of soft clothes.

  1. Select a prop or an accessory. You are allowed to select multiple objects to assign the same physics setting at the same time.

    Singular surface

    Closed object

  2. Activate their physics characteristics by selecting the Active Physics box and choosing the Soft Cloth radio button in the Modify >> Physics tab.
  3. If you want to pin the soft cloth, then you need to click the Edit Weight Map button and designate a grayscale image texture to determine the fixed and free areas for your soft cloth.
  4. You can use the Preset library to apply a soft-cloth preset instead of setting individual parameters to determine the material of the soft cloth.

    Alternatively, manually adjust the settings in the Property, Collision and Wind Settings sections to create a customized soft cloth.

    Please refer to the links below for more information about the parameters in the Modify >> Physics tab.

  5. Turn on the Soft Cloth Simulation by clicking the corresponding button on the right side of the tool bar.
    • : Soft Cloth Simulation is on.
    • : Soft Cloth Simulation is off.
    Please note that if you put soft cloths objects in your project, then you must press down on this button for them to work properly.
  6. It is highly suggested that you switch to By Frame mode for each simulation by clicking the Time Mode Switch button.
  7. Click the Play button (Shortcut: Space bar) to start the simulation.