Keeping Bend Direction

Basically, each character's limbs only bend to single direction. However, each time when you reach out the limbs to the limits, Cartoon Animator will not know the bending direction of the bone chain. Therefore, you can activate the Keep Bend Direction feature to ensure consistency for the bending direction of the bone chain.

  1. Create or apply a character.

  2. Make sure the character is selected and open the 2D Motion Key Editor.
  3. Set different poses in different time frames. Keep in mind that the each leg only bends in one direction.
  4. Forward to another time frame.
  5. Activate the Constraints and drag the bone to set another pose. Notice that the rear legs reach out to the limit, which makes them straight.
  6. Go forward to a later time frame. Try to bend the legs IK chain. You will find the bending direction is now freed.
  7. Make sure the Constraints box is activated and then use the IK method to have the chain to bend a little to the desired direction.
  8. Activate the Keep Bending Direction box.
  9. Drag the bone chain again. The chain now can only bend to one direction.
  10. Finish the entire motion with 2D Motion Key Editor. You can find the keys on Timeline.
  11. Play back to view the result.