What is a Prop?

In Cartoon Animator, each prop can be composed of at least one sprite. In another words, a prop is usually a group of at least one sprite.

The individual sprite, that forms the prop, can have more than just one element. The format of the element can be of a image or video.

The structure concept is described in the following illustrations:

A prop with a sprite containing a single media

  1. Prop (invisible) on the stage.
  2. Sprite (invisible) in the prop.
  3. Element (visible) in the sprite.

A prop with multiple sprites. Each sprite
contains one or more media files.

Below is another example with item structures:

A prop named "Woods" in the Stage Mode

Three sprites composite the "Woods" prop in
the Composer Mode

  • Each "Tree" contains one or more elements (Using Sprite Editor)
  • With these elements you may set keys to create an appearance-changing animation.