What are 8+7 Phoneme Pairs and 1:1 Direct Lipsync Systems

Each character for iClone presents 15 visemes (lip shapes) when it talks. They are AE, Ah, B_M_P, Ch_J, EE, Er, F_V, Ih, K_G_H_NG, Oh, R, S_Z, T_L_D_N, Th and W_OO.

In Character Creator, you are allowed to adjust or customize these 15 visemes with Facial Profile Editor. The customizing methods can be divided into two main systems: 8+7 Phoneme Pairs and 1:1 Direct.

8+7 Phoneme Pair

The 8+7 Phoneme Pair system actually composes the 15 visemes with 8 basic lip shapes and 7 tongue movements in different weight values.

All you need to do is to set the shapes of the mouth and the tongue movements, the 15 visemes will be automatically generated by the system.

1:1 Direct

The 1:1 Direct system, on the other hand, is used to modify the 15 visemes directly.