Setting Lipsync Data

In the Viseme category of the Facial Profile Editor, you are able to set the Mouth bones, Tongue bone and Mouth shapes for lipsync visemes. After the applying these settings, the character can then talk with adequate lip-shapes in iClone.

  1. Make sure the character has been converted to a Humanoid character.
  2. Click the Face Profile Editor button under the Motion Pose tab in the Modify panel.
  3. Select the Viseme node from the left tree-view, the related sliders will be listed in the right-side pane.

    You can determine if you want to apply the 8 + 7 Phoneme Pair or the 1:1 Direct lipsync systems for the character by clicking the button under the Viseme node.

  4. Adjust the character's face in Bone-based, Morph-based or Hybrid-based methods.
  5. Click the Quick Update button of a slider (in this case, the V_Lip_Open) for saving the limit data (both bone transformations and the mesh alterations).

    You can drag the enabled slider to check out the result.
  6. Repeat the step for the rest of the sliders under the Viseme node and set adequate limit data.
  7. Once exported to iClone, the character can then talk with proper lip-shapes. You can manually set visemes for this character with the Lips Editor as well.