What are Expression Set and Viseme Set

In Character Creator, each character can talk and make facial expressions with lip-shapes with the help of Expression Set and Viseme Set. They are actually two sets composed of numerous sliders which can be used to trigger facial expression and lip-sync.

Expression Set

The Expression Set contains official expression sliders which are closely related to the Face Control Systems, such as Face Key Editor, Face Puppet, Motion Live, Auto Blink, Look At.. and so on.

There are 3 Expression Sets currently supported in Character Creator: Old Set, CC4 Extended and CC4 Standard.

Viseme Set

The Viseme Set is a set containing official viseme sliders. These sliders affect the lip shapes of TTS (Text to Speech) and Acculips systems.

There are 2 Expression Sets currently supported in Character Creator: 8+7 Phoneme Pair and 1:1 Direct.

Refer to What are 8 + 7 Phoneme Pair and 1 : 1 Direct Lipsync Systems section for more information.