Showing or Hiding Meshes with Brush

Mesh penetration can occur as a result of dressing up a character, especially if done through various means.

In addition to selecting and showing or hiding, you can also paint directly onto the mesh surface to show and hide mesh faces.

  1. Select an object with mesh penetration (e.g. the character above).
  2. Go to the Modify panel >> Edit tab >> Modify section.
  3. Press down the Edit Mesh button and switch to the Sculpt mode.
  4. Press down the Show Mesh Brush button. Only the Radius slider, the Visible Brush radio buttons and the Show All buttons are enabled.
  5. Choose the Hide radio button (default) and adjust the Radius value.
  6. Paint on the surface to hide the meshes that poke through the other layers.
  7. Repeat painting strokes on the mesh faces until the poking-throughs are resolved.
  8. Leave the Edit Mesh mode.