Manually Hiding Specific Inner Meshes

Manual hiding can be useful for removing mesh penetration. This is especially the case after you have loaded a custom cloth mesh with the external 3D tools because the various shapes of the cloth can often have poke-throughs. You need to manually set the penetrating faces hidden with the features provided in Character Creator, including manual hide as described in this page and showing or hiding meshes with brush.

After you use the Conform Clothing feature, you may encounter mesh penetration as shown below:

Follow the steps below to fix this issue.

  1. Select the mesh whose faces poke through the outer layer cloth, and enter the Edit Mesh Mode by clicking the Edit Mesh Mode button in the Modify panel >> Edit tab >> Mesh Modifier section.
  2. Switch to the Face tab.
  3. Select the piercing faces.
  4. Click the Hide button to conceal these mesh faces.
  5. Click the Edit Mesh Mode button again to view the result.
  6. The changes of the inner mesh faces in X-Ray mode are shown below:

    The inner mesh faces before the Manual Hiding.

    The hidden range is expanded after this feature is applied.