There are two textures utilized by the Digital_Human Tongue shader, one is the Gradient AO and the other is Micro Normal.

  • Gradient AO:
    • This texture is used to define the front and back areas of the tongue; and also to define the AO effect on the tongue.
    • The tongue, teeth and gums share this texture. The Red channel is for the lower teeth and gum, the Green channel is for the upper teeth and gum, while the Blue channel is for the tongue.
    • The settings for this texture can be found in the Tongue Setting sub-section.
  • Micro Normal:
    • This texture is overlapped onto the Bump channel in the Texture section in order to give fine lines and intricate details to the tongue.

      Tongue without Micro Normal

      Tongue with Micro Normal

    • You can adjust the texture with the settings (tiling and strength) in the Micro Normal sub-section.