User Interface Introduction for Custom LOD Settings Panel (New for v. 4.1)

  1. Template: You can quickly adjust the settings by making a selection from this drop-down list. The original items in the list are Custom, Default, LOD 1 and LOD 2. If you adjust any setting, then the template will automatically change to Custom.

    You are allowed to change the settings of Default, LOD 1 and LOD 2 templates.
  2. Add / Overwrite Template: Click this button to add a new template or overwrite the settings in the existing template.
  3. Delete Template: Delete a custom template.
  4. Reset Template: Resets the settings to the factory defaults for the Default, LOD 1 and LOD 2 templates.
  5. Category Tabs: Switch tabs to access the settings for Skeleton, Mesh, Texture and Facial.
  6. Convert: Click this button to start the conversion process according to the settings in this panel.