Adding Tags to Items

Tagging an item helps you find it among a large content library. Custom tags can be applied to both temple and custom content.

  • Tags added to template content in Content Manager are stored locally and remain unaffected by installation status.
  • Custom content tags are directly written into the metadata. Updates to custom content tags sync with the original content when added to a custom pack. When the pack is published in the Marketplace, these tags become developer tags in the Content Information panel.

Follow the steps below to add tags.

  1. Switch to the Item View. Move to a content category with the Category Buttons on the top, or by clicking the categories in the tree-view.

    * You can enable the Show Subfolder Items on the bottom to view all items from separate content folders.
  2. Pick one or several items. Right-click on them and choose the Edit Tags... command from the context menu.
  3. The Content Information panel shows with the Tags tab open.
  4. Type in the desired tag string ("Beauty") in the text field. Press the Enter key or click the + button.
  5. The tag with the custom string is added to multiple items at once.
  6. Using the same steps above, add more tags to the items if you wish.
  7. To copy tags to other items, right-click on an empty area beside the tags and select the Copy command from the context menu.
  8. Pick another items on the shelf. Right-click on the empty area below the text field of the panel and select the Paste command to append tags to the currently selected items.
  9. By hovering the cursor over a tag, you can click the X button besides it to discard the tag.
  10. Click on the All category to search your entire content inventory Click the Filter button to make sure the search option Tag & Collection is enabled.
  11. Type in the entire string of the tags you just created ("beauty human" separated by a space) in the search field. Press the Enter key.

    The Content Manager will return items of matching tag names and rank according to the search rules.