Merging Materials

In addition to using Remesher to decrease the size of the exported FBX, merging material can also be efficiently downsized for the FBX file.

Take the following accessory as an example, the basic merging concept is as shown below:

Not only the textures, but also the materials will be merged into one to minimize the usage of the materials and textures.

Exporting FBX panel provides Merge Material settings in the InstaLOD group for downsizing the exported file.

Merge Material - All

When you export character as FBX format, you can merge all the materials into a single one, merging the hair, accessory, garment, glove and shoe textures.

Merge Material - By Type

If you choose to merge material by type, then the materials of the same types will be merge together. The categories are: Character, Hair, Clothes (including shoes and gloves) and Accessories.

Merge Material - By Item

If you choose to merge material by item, then all materials of an object will be merged; That is, each integral object can have only one material.