Browsing Content by Pack

All the free resource or your purchased packs are displayed under the Pack tab. You can double-click on the thumbnail to install it, or view all items in this pack. You can also right-click to uninstall it or check its product page.

Thumbnail Statuses



Free resource packs or purchased packs not yet installed are marked with an icon on the upper right. You can double-click on the thumbnail to start installing the pack.

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By taking advantage of the Pack View, you can:

  • Show Packs in Different Types: Click the Category Buttons or select the category nodes in the tree view to browse packs in different categories.
  • Find Related Items across Categories: Double-click on a pack, or select a pack and click the View Items to find all related items across all types.
  • Re-opening Packs in History:
  • Show Packs by Filters: Use different filters underneath the tree-view to find the newly purchased, recently downloaded, free, updated, trial, or recommended packs.