Defining Assets in Sub-category

After importing the custom contents, occasionally, you may find some contents are automatically distributed to the Others sub-category of a main category, such as those contents with the ccCloth, ccAcc and ccAvatarpreset extensions. By using the Move to Category feature or drag-and-drop, you can relocate them to appropriate sub-categories.

  1. Open the Content Manager (F4). Switch to the Custom tab.
  2. Import custom contents with different types of clothes.
  3. Click the Category Buttons on the top or select the Cloth category in the tree-view. You will find that the clothes are all under the Others sub-category.
  4. Select one or multiple contents. Drag them to the correct sub-category (in this case, Shoes).
  5. Alternatively, right-click on one or multiple contents. Choose the Move to Category command and then the correct sub-category from the context menu (in this case, Shirts).
  6. You will be informed when the clothes is moved to the specific sub-category. Click the Go button to instantly move to this sub-category, or manually pick this sub-category.
  7. As you can see the clothes is missing in the original location and being moved to the Shirts sub-category of Cloth node.
  8. Repeat the same steps until all clothes in the original location are distributed into appropriate sub-categories.