How to set default camera as the initial view for playing

When you start to play the characters in the scene with Motion Director, using a follow camera, the system will assign a default camera as the initial view of the Motion Direction hidden camera. However, you are allowed to manually specify either one of the preset cameras as the default view.

  1. Apply a character in the project.

  2. Launch Control Center.
  3. Switch to the Camera Settings tab and choose the Follow Camera radio button.
  4. In the Follow Camera Settings group, select a preset from the View Presets drop-down list (in this case, Bird Eye View).

    These items correspond to the camera buttons in the Hotkey Panel.
  5. Activate the Preview checkbox to observe the perspective of this preset in the 3D viewport.
  6. Click the Set Default button to set this camera as the initial view for playing.

    You will see the name of the item is appended with a "(Default)" suffix .
  7. Click the Start button to start playing. As you can see, the initial view will be the one you set in the previous step.