How to keep original poses or motions

Because the bones of a character are all connected, when a body part is forced to make contact with an object then the other bones will also be driven to move, which can destroy the original pose or motion. iClone provides the Lock to Original feature to pin body parts in order to maintain their original pose or motion.

  1. Apply a character with a start pose or a motion, and a target object (here, the king on the chessboard).
  2. Go to another time frame, have the character's right hand touch the king. Please refer to the How to have character contact with targets section for more information.

    All body parts are driven to move because of the Reach Object mode.
    • The right hand touches the king ( which means that its corresponding body part sticks to the target).
    • The left hand and legs penetrate each other.
    • The hip moves and sinks into the box.
    • The left leg goes through the table leg.
  3. To keep the pose, select one of the effector points in the dummy pane (multi-selection is not allowed). Click the Lock to Original button.

    The hip moves back to its original position.
  4. Because the left hand is still driven by the effect of the right hand. Select the left hand effector point and click the Lock to Original button again.

    The left hand is placed back on the right calf.

    Playback to view the result.