Look-at weight tracks (New for v. 8.2)

The look-at function for characters offers three keyable tracks: Look-at and weight tracks for the Head and Body.

Video Tutorial

  1. Create a project with characters.
  2. At a specific time frame, right click on one of the character and choose the Look At command, pick the other character as the target.

    Launch Timeline (shortcut: F3) and open all the look at related tracks of the character, Look at Object, Head Weight and Body Weight.
  3. Playback to view the effect of the look-at behavior. As you can see the character suddenly turns it head to look at the other character.
  4. Drag the transition start handle farther from the look at key.

    The character will gradually turn to look at the other character.

  5. Currently the head and body turns simultaneously due to the keys in the Head and Body Weight tracks.
  6. Set the value of the body weight of the key to zero at the time frame.
  7. Go to another later time frame and increase the value of the Body Weight.
  8. Playback to view the result, as you can see the head and body turns to look at the other character respectively.