Actor - Look At Camera (New for v 8.2)

If you want the actor maintain eye-contact with the camera, simply click the Look at Camera button. The actor rotates its head and looks at the camera all the time even if the camera moves away.

By default, the actor is unaware of the camera.

The actor stares at the animated camera.

  1. Create a character and a camera.
  2. Animate the camera and have it directed toward the actor.
  3. Switch the viewport to the camera's view.

    Animate the camera again to view the result that the actor does not look at the camera.
  4. Select the character, in the Modify panel, scroll to the Look at section and click the Look at Camera button.

    The Look at field will show the target camera name.
  5. The character will instantly look at the camera.
  6. You can adjust the detail settings to adjust the result of the looking-at.
  7. Play back and the character will look at the animating camera.