Creating a Mirror (New for 1.03)

On this page, the Specular - Glass Version 2 preset is used to quickly create realistic mirror-like materials.

  1. Create a new project in iClone.
  2. Open the iClone Indigo Render Settings panel.


    By default, objects will be applied with the Auto-convert shader for version 6.0 and Auto-convert v2 for version 6.03 or above.

  3. Select the material that represents the glass part of the mirror object by clicking the surface (in this case, the forward facing side of the mirror) with the dropper tool. Using the dropper tool is a more precise way of selecting the desired material.
  4. Click the Assign Indigo Shader button to open the corresponding panel.
  5. Double click on the Specular - Glass V2 preset to apply it to the glass part or the mirror.


    • Double-click application only works in version 6.03 or above.
  6. If you render the project in Indigo, the glass part of the mirror will be totally transparent without any reflection (you are able to see right through it).
  7. Deactivate the Transparent setting in iClone to make the material opaque, thus the light hitting the surface of the object will be completely reflected.
  8. Render the project again with Indigo.


    • Any settings for the Medium of the object will be ignored as light can not penetrate the surface and interact with the medium.
    • The original material settings of the object in iClone will be totally ignored as well.