Making a Sprite-Chain Prop

If you want to create a prop with chained sprites, then you can use the Attach feature found in the Composer mode.

  1. In Stage Mode, select a prop (with spring bones in orange) and save it into the prop library.
  2. Switch to the Composer mode.
  3. Search for the prop in the library you saved in Step one. Drag and drop it into the working area twice, by default, they will overlapping together.
  4. Press down the Edit Pose button on the toolbar.
  5. Move, rotate or scale the props to the appropriate position.
  6. Reorder the layers with the Layer Manager.
  7. Currently, the new added props are under the original one.

  8. Select the prop last added and click the Attach button on the toolbar.
  9. Click on the first added prop to make is the parent of the selected one. Observe the result in the Scene Manager.
  10. Open the Spring Editor. Add desired bones into different groups with different spring settings.
  11. Click the Back to Stage button to update the prop.
  12. Create motion for the prop to view the chain animation result..