Grouping Rules for a Scene (New for v4.1)

If you want to group several items into one item or create a compound object in a PSD project, Now you can follow the Reallusion grouping rules for a scene to convert the PSD group layers into separate objects or Sprites in Cartoon Animator.
( Watch Tutorial - Create Animatable Scene Elements from PSD Layers )

Take the following PSD project as an example. There are single image layers and separate group layers under the main RL_Scene folder as shown in the Forest scene.

When you drag such a standard scene with a main folder called RL_Scene into Cartoon Animator, it will automatically imported in as a scene.

Compare the PSD layers and the object list in Scene Manager. You will find that these image layers and group layers are converted into objects in the created scene.

The original PSD layers.

The object list in Scene Manager.

The benefits of designing a scene with the standard grouping rules are as follows: