Converting CC1, CC3 to CC3 Base+

  1. Open a project or load a character (CC1 Base or CC3 Base) that is created from or embedded in Character Creator v3.2 or earlier.
  2. Open the Modify panel. Switch to the Attribute tab, in the Avatar section, click the Convert CC3 to CC3+ button.

    If the character is CC1, then the button label becomes Convert CC1 to CC3+.
  3. You can determine the final texture size after conversion:

    * Note that the either selection inevitably degrades the textures for the conversion.
    • Keep Original Size: Convert all textures to CC3 Base+ compatible textures in the original size.
    • High Quality (4K): Some of the textures need to be converted to 4K (4096 x 4096).
    • Medium Quality (2K): Some of the textures need to be converted to 2K (2048 x 2048).
  4. Character Creator will show the following warning message:
    • OK: Continue conversion.
    • Cancel: Abort conversion.
  5. After conversion, you can choose to apply Enhance Eyes for close-up on the face and manually fix penetration issues for the clothes.

    Penetration-fixing methods: If you encounter the poke-through issues after conversion, you can use the following methods to fix the problems: