Changing Shapes by Editing Mesh Faces

By transforming mesh faces with moving, rotating, scaling, smoothing and relaxing the faces on the meshes, you can change the shapes of objects, including the body, hair, accessories, clothes, shoes and gloves.

Moving, Rotating and Scaling Faces

  1. Apply cloth template to the character (in this case, a pair of pants).
  2. Select the pants and go to the Modify panel >> Edit tab >> Modify section.
  3. Press down the Edit Mesh button and switch to the Face mode.
  4. Select mesh faces for transforming.
  5. Switch to the Scale tool to increase the size of the faces.
  6. Move the faces with the Move tool.
  7. Change the perspective of the camera to check the result.
  8. Use the Rotate tool to rotate the selected faces.
  9. Repeat the same steps for the other leg of the pants.
  10. Leave the Edit Mesh Mode by pressing up the Edit Mesh Mode button.