Micro Normal

The Micro Normal is an additional normal map on top of the regular Normal map in the Texture section. It is used for depicting the fine lines and intricate details of a surface.

Body skin with Normal map only

Body skin with Normal and Micro Normal maps

You can find the settings for adjusting the Micro Normal map in the Micro Normal sub-section under the Shader Setting section in the Modify panel.

  • Micro Normal Tiling: This value determines the tiling times of the Normal Map on the entire body, arm, leg, or nail meshes.

    Micro Normal Tiling = 42.000 (default)

    Micro Normal Tiling = 15.000

  • Micro Normal Strength: This setting carve the fine lines deeper or lighter on the skin.

    Micro Normal Strength = 1.000

    Micro Normal Strength = 2.000