Subsurface Scatter

The Subsurface Scatter section can be used to adjust the light transmission effect through the skin.

Basic Settings

  • SSS Falloff: This color determines the final color shown on the shadow area after the light passes through the skin.

    SSS Falloff = #FF5E4C (Default, Orange)

    SSS Falloff = #FFFF00 (Yellow)

  • SSS Radius: This value determines the volume of the light passing through the skin.

    SSS Radius = 1.5000

    SSS Radius = 10.0000

Advanced Settings

  • R, G, B, AChannel Scatter Scale: These sliders change the strength of SSS effects that are defined by the RGBA Area Mask texture.
  • SSS Distribution:

    SSS Distribution = 0.750

    SSS Distribution = 0.950

  • SSS IOR:

    SSS Distribution = 0.950

    SSS IRO = 1.550

    SSS Distribution = 0.950

    SSS IRO = 1.330