Special Characteristics in Digital Human Shader

There are two special characteristics in the Digital Human Shader more than the PBR shader, SSS and Micro Normal effects.

SSS (Sub-Surface Scattering)

The SSS effect can be explained from two aspects: the bright and dark parts of the object. Refer to the Theory of SSS section for more information.

  • Bright part: At the bright part of the object surface, the final look should be the directly reflected light from the surface and the lights that go through the surface, reflected by the tissues underneath, and scatter back out through the surface.

    Bright part of the skin without SSS effect (only the directly reflected light)

    Bright part with SSS effect (directly reflected lights + scattered from subsurface)

  • Dark part: The dark part with SSS effect shows the lights that pass through the entire object at the thinnest areas.

    Dark part of the skin without SSS effect

    Dark part with SSS effect (displays the transmitted lights)

Micro Normal

The Micro Normal is used to depict the intricate fine lines of the skin by overlapping an additional normal map to the existing one. The micro normal texture ensures the skin details when you zoom in and have a very close-up shot on the character. Refer to the Theory of Micro Normal section for more information.

Skin using PBR Shader without Micro Normal texture

Skin using Digital Human Shader with Micro Normal texture