Initial Body Capture - Set T-Pose (New for v1.1)

Due to diverse body dimensions and postures from the performers, setting a T-Pose can help you to quickly initialize the character stand pose, recalibrate the position offset of the character's body parts, and accurately standardize body tracking with one click of the mouse.
( Watch Tutorial - Mocap Settings for the Body Profile )

It is highly recommended that you calibrate your stand pose for the following benefits:

  • Use the absolute T-Pose to have a clean start for most characters with normal body shape.
  • Offset the T-Pose to best adapt mocap motion to the character’s unique body shape.
  • Work with the Offset Settings for Ground, Neck, Torso, and Hip to adjust or refine your character's posture even during mocap.

Your arms position for setting T-Pose decides the results of body mocap.

T-Pose with arms downward can keep arms apart.

T-Pose with arms upward may collide with body.