Body Mocap Workflow (New for v1.1)

Through Motion LIVE 2D’s unified mocap interface, the mainstream body motion capture systems can synchronously work with face and hand capture devices to become a full-body mocap solution. Moreover, the body, face, and hand mocap data can be separately saved in different layers for further editing.

Before starting the body mocap
You'll need to decide the desired character facing or desired motion direction with the Character Facing Angle settings, because the 2D character cannot rotate or move back and forth during the mocap for now. If the performer turns around during mocap, keep capturing will not break the 2D character. ( Watch Video )
* We recommend updating Motion LIVE 2D to version 1.2 so that you can flip the character to another side with the Body Flip feature.

Motion LIVE 2D supports three mocap angles for a 2D character. Please make sure you choose the proper Character Facing Angle before motion capture.

* This function is available for G3 360 / G3 Human characters.