Hand Mocap Workflow (New for v1.1)

Hand animation is a tedious endeavour, but now with Motion LIVE 2D hand animation is affordably streamlined. Generate delicate hand animation from a simple Leap Motion Controller or Mocap Glove for 2D bone-hands. Beyond generating natural hand and finger mocap, bring any type of creature or object to life with realtime puppeteering.

Before starting the hand mocap

Please make sure your character is equipped with a Bone Hand with one of the following methods:

  • Apply a G3 Bone Hand character.
  • Apply a G3 360 / G3 Human character and then apply Bone Hand to the character.

With the Bone Hand, a mocap device can then send the hand and finger tracking data to the bones.
The bones can drive the hand movements with natural and smooth transition between hand poses.

* This function is available for G3 360 / G3 Human characters.