How to adjust camera presets for playing

When you play the character with Motion Director, you can switch to different camera presets that are embedded or created in advanced in the Camera Settings tab of the Control Center panel. You are allowed to manually adjust the settings for these presets, including setting default camera and setting custom camera view, before playing the character. In this page, you will learn how to set the custom camera view.

  1. Apply a character in the project and make sure it is selected.

  2. Launch Control Center.
  3. Switch to the Camera Settings tab and in the Follow Camera Settings group, select a preset from the View Presets drop-down list (in this case, Custom View 1).

    These items correspond to the camera buttons in the Hotkey Panel. However, only the views of the camera buttons numbered from 1 to 5 can be adjusted.
  4. In the viewport, use your camera tools to adjust to a desired perspective.
  5. Click the Set button to change the view of this camera preset.

    The view will be save to the custom camera (clicking the Reset button can reset the view to factory default).

    * You can also set different views for the rest of the numbered cameras with the same steps.
  6. Click the start button to start playing, click on the custom camera buttons to change to the specified view.