How to produce custom pose or key-frame motions

Key-frame animation is a traditional method for creating motions for a character. It involves setting different keys at different time frames and creating transitions in between. The interpolation between two keys, which is also called the "transition", will also be auto-generated. Custom key-frame animations can be time consuming and the animations may need to be repeatedly fine-tuned.

Producing a Custom Pose

  1. Select a character.
  2. Click the Edit Motion Layer button under the Animation tab of the Modify panel.
  3. Set a motion key by editing the joints in the pictogram.

    A Motion Layer key will be automatically added.

    Please refer to the Using the Edit Motion Layer Panel section for more information.

Producing a Key-frame Motion

When you are familiar with the usage of setting one motion layer key in a certain time frame, then you can go to another time frame to set more motion layer keys, which can produce so-called key-frame motions. The transition between two keys will be auto-generated by iClone.

  1. Set a pose in a time frame.

    New pose keys will be automatically added into the track and sub-tracks.

  2. Go to another time frame and set again another pose.

    Another new key will be added.

  3. The in-between animation is automatically generated.

    Playback to view the result.
  4. You are able to right-click on the keys in the Motion Layer main track and select a transition curve to vary the transition speed between two adjacent motion layer keys.

    Playback to view the result.
  5. Optionally, you may right-click on the later key in the sub-track under the Motion Layer main track, and select a transition curve to vary the transition speed between two adjacent keys. This is very useful if you want each body part to move in a non synchronized way.