Workflow for Distributing Props (New for v. 8.4)

Prop distribution lets you quickly populate a scene with the desired props.

  1. Launch the Prop Distribution panel on a new project.
  2. Choose a range to place object from the prop pool. The placement markers will be automatically generated.

    You can designate a NavMesh or Walkway as the range as well.
  3. Determine the Generation Type (in this case, Random).
  4. Adjusting the settings in the Options section.

    For more information, see Generation Types and Option Settings.
  5. Add the desired props into the candidate pool. The pool is the source for prop distribution.
  6. Adjust the Ratio values for each props. These values determine the likelihood that the prop will be randomly picked.
  7. Click the Generate Placement button repeatedly to arrive at the ideal permutation.

    The placement markers will reposition with each click on the button.
  8. Click the Deploy Props button to place the candidate props.

    As you can see the props will be placed on the tokens.
  9. You can keep clicking the Generate Placement to change the placement of the tokens and the props.
  10. Close the Prop Distribution panel to determine the distribution result.