Applying G3 Template Hands

In Cartoon Animator, there are two kinds of contents for different animation methods, Sprite Hand and Bone Hand. In the previous versions, all the embedded characters are created with Sprite Hand. You can go to the Composer and apply Sprite Hand or Bone Hand according to your need.

Please note that the animation data of these two kinds of content are not compatible with each other. Currently, all preinstalled motions in Cartoon Animator contain Sprite Hand animation. Applying template motions from the animation library will discard your existing Bond Hand animation, which can be captured or from library.

Sprite Hand

Bone Hand

One bone for the whole hand.
You can change Sprite images for hand poses in different time frames to create Sprite Switch Animation.

22 bone segments for each hand to create smooth transition for hand motions.
You can edit gestures or switch gestures in the Bone Hand Animation.