Creating Elastic Motions

In addition to applying Elastic Motion Template, you are allowed to create custom elastic motions with Cartoon Animator.

  1. Create a neutral prop.
  2. Click the Prop Key Editor button on the Toolbar.

  3. Set Transform and Deform keys (sprite-level) in different time frames to generate key-frame animation of the prop (in this case, a jump and distortion animation).
    Make sure that the keys are set to the sprite-level tracks (*_T, *_S, *_D, *_O).

  4. Open the Collect Clip track and make a range to include this data.
  5. Right-click on the Collect Clip track in the range, select the Export item in the menu.

    This step saves the data as a prop animation file (in *.ctAnim format).
  6. Drag and drop the animation onto a prop (it is suggested to use this prop), you will see an animation clip on the Motion track of the prop.
  7. Right-click on the clip and select the Convert to Elastic Motion item in the menu.

    The clip will turn green.
  8. Edit the clip with the Elastic Motion Editor.
  9. Make sure that the clip on the track is selected.
  10. Open the Content Manager and switch to the Elastic Motion library.
  11. Click on the Add button to add the selected clip into an Elastic Motion template (*.ctElastic).
  12. You can then apply this template to any other props.