Storing Template Content in Multiple Drives

The content packs that are installed in the C drive by default, may take up valuable storage space, especially on SSD. If your default hard drive on which the contents have been installed is almost full, you can specify a new drive for installing new content, or move installed content to another hard drive.
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  1. Double-click on a pack in the Pack view.
  2. Inside the pack, right-click on either one of the template in the pack and choose the Find File command from the context menu.

    * Make sure the Show Subfolder Items checkbox is enabled to show all items at once.
  3. You will find the pack is installed on the C drive, which is the default template folder for storing packs or items.
  4. In order to save the valuable C storage space, you can refer to the following sections to specify a new path for installing upcoming content, or move installed contents.
  5. Note that if you set the default template folder to the one on a USB drive or the one on a network drive, you may need to manually retrieve installed contents before you can access these contents on another computer.