Browsing Content by Item

The easiest way to search target items in any content type from any given content pack. You can search with keywords and tags, sort them by content category, or find all items under their original pack. There is no need to remember where items are stored.

Thumbnail Statuses



Free resource items or purchased items not yet installed are marked with an icon on the upper right. You can double-click on the thumbnail to start installing the item.

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By taking advantage of the Item View, you can:

  • View All Available Items in Gallery: Enable the Show Subfolder Items checkbox to view all of the free resource items, items from the purchased packs, and purchased single items under different filter conditions.
  • Quickly Find Items in Desired Types: Click the Category Buttons or click the category nodes in the tree view to quickly switch the display to the items of a desired category. By double-click on the item, the display will automatically switch to the Pack View for downloading and installing the entire pack.
  • Show Items by Filters: Use different filters underneath the tree-view to find the newly purchased, recently downloaded, free, or trial items.